Regular class is a class which is conducted fully in English in which we have 45 minutes to one hour intensive approach with every single student in the class. We have a routine that consists of : circle time session (praying, greeting, and ice breaking time like : singing, story telling, class games, show and tell, and the like) ; discussion session which includes : brainstorming session, games, role play, and other class activities related to topics ; closing session includes : art, individual worksheet, class presentation, and the like.

The class is conducted based on detailed lesson plans, which consider the general competency of the children at their average age. In every lesson plan, we put so much attention on the students’ interests, their capability to explore the world around them, and their need to participate actively during the class. We do not use any methods of drilling or memorizing. Instead we try to make them open their mind and explore more on the discussed topic.

The class which is conducted two times a week, stresses not only their English speaking skill but also their capability to express their opinion, share their experience and tell more about their plans.